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Thoughts on the perfect song, and Scott Cook’s “Pass It Along” August 22nd, 2013

I’ve always wished I could write the perfect song: one that sounds immediately classic, as if it were as old as the first inhabited hills; a song familar yet fresh and new, weaving an age-old truth with a simple, striking melody in a way that speaks to the heart.  That’s my aspiration, the dream that keeps me reaching for my guitar night after night.  Thankfully, while I’m working on it, I can always listen to Scott Cook, whose new album One More Time Around features among its fine tracks the best new song I’ve heard in years, the exquisite ”Pass It Along.”  On the day I write a song this perfect I’ll hang up my guitar, for my work here will be done.  Check Scott out at  (He has written several perfect songs, and all four of his albums are excellent.)

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