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Interview on CBC Radio’s Daybreak North March 27th, 2013

Tomorrow morning at about 7:45 AM CBC Radio’s Daybreak North will be airing a brief interview with me along with a couple of my songs: “Superman T-Shirt,” from my new CD Shadows in the Light, and a very silly new ditty called “Northern Pothole Blues.”  You can listen in at 91.5 FM in the Prince George region, or online at  ”Northern Pothole Blues” so far features only one verse and a chorus, so I’ll be asking listeners to send in their own stories and tall tales about encounters with potholes on our northern roadways in the hope of finding inspiration to finish the song.  If you can help me out, I’d appreciate it.  Here’s what I’ve written so far (long live the late, great Stompin’ Tom!):

Northern Pothole Blues 

I drove up to a pothole in Prince George, BC

It was the biggest pothole my eyes did ever see

But I had to get to work, and I guess I pushed my luck,

 ‘Cause when I tried to cross that pothole It swallowed up my truck! 

Chorus:  Drivin’ through town on a springtime afternoon

 I feel like I’m dodging craters on the surface of the moon

 Our infrastructure’s crumblin’, I heard about it on the news

 Everybody’s singin’ those northern pothole blues.

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