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Upcoming Recording Sessions at Cheslatta Records August 20th, 2015

This coming weekend I’ll be heading into the studio at Cheslatta Records in Prince George to make a demo of 16 new songs, most of which I’ve written since I released my latest CD, “Shadows in the Light,” back in the winter of 2013. I’m looking forward to working with Cheslatta’s sound engineer, Rick Irvine, who did a great job recording a demo I made several years ago when I was working on “Light to Shine.” The tentative title for my new CD project is “A Boy and His Dog” (after a song I wrote to celebrate the memory of Toby, my faithful old German Shepherd/Border Collie-cross who is now chasing squirrels and showshoe hares in doggie heaven). This weekend’s demo sessions will enable me to experiment with the new songs in preparation for subsequent sessions in Toronto, where I’ll record the new album proper with my friend Jason Fowler in the producer’s chair.

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