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Gary Fjellgaard in concert with Saskia and Darrel May 2nd, 2011

Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of seeing Juno Award-winner Gary Fjellgaard perform in concert on the main stage of the Prince George Legion Hall.  After playing a couple of songs to get the show started, Gary invited my friends Saskia and Darrel, who tour with him as his backup band and “travelling companions,” to perform a set of original material from their recent CDs “Laura’s Kitchen” and “Sailing Saskatchewan.”  Although Gary was the star of the show, Saskia and Darrel were the players I had come to see, and they didn’t disappoint.  Their superb songwriting, storytelling, and playing were beautifully complemented by their energetic and fun stage presence.  Although for many years they’ve kept a strenuous touring schedule on the road both in Canada and internationally, they approached every song in the evening’s repertoire as if were the last song they would ever perform.  Their smiles and enthusiasm were highly contagious, and, when Gary Fjellgaard returned to join them on the stage, their instrumental work and harmony vocals made him sound like a million bucks.  This was the first time I’d ever seen Gary perform, and I left the show a convert to his artistry and style.  But most of all, it was wonderful for me to see Saskia and Darrel–whom Gary treats not as “sidemen” but as musical peers and consummate fellow performers–there in the limelight doing what they do best and clearly loving it.  If you ever have a chance to see them play–with or without Gary–don’t even think of missing out.  Check our their website at

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