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Jason Fowler’s new CD “Lumens of Light” March 19th, 2011

To call “Lumens of Light” Jason Fowler’s best album would be to mix apples with oranges, for his body of music is remarkably diverse.  Unlike the earlier CD ”Big Hill Little Hill,” for example, “Lumens” is not an instrumental album (though it does feature two original guitar instrumentals, the compelling title track and the hauntingly beautiful ”Solaris”).  And because all of the tracks on “Lumens” are original compositions, the album is very different from his previous CD, ”Buckets of Rain,” on which Jason covers a selection of the classic folk songs that inspired him to get into the music game in the first place.  Nevertheless, “Lumens” is my favourite of all Jason’s albums, not to mention my favourite album of the past year.  Known primarily as one of Canada’s most accomplished finger-style guitarists, Jason proves on his new album–if proof were even needed–that he is also a vocalist and a lyricist to be reckoned with.  There isn’t a single throw-away song here:  every track is a gem worth listening to again and again, and every new listening experience reveals something new and previously unnoticed.  Exploring various musical styles from full-blown rock to folk to country ballad and beyond, “Lumens” is ultimately an album of love songs–but with a twist. A consummate songwriter, Jason brings new life to the love song, for he avoids the hyperbole, sentimentality, idealism, and false emotion that too often mar the genre, and he isn’t afraid to explore the gritty realism of love and romance in the twenty-first century.  I can’t recommend this album too highly: everyone who loves good music should give it a spin.  (Of course I may be a bit biased given that Jason has played on and produced two of my own CDs.)  For more information on Jason Fowler and his remarkable body of work, check out his website at

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