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Performing Blake Songs in Hawaii November 16th, 2010

I’ve just returned from a wonderful week on the island of Oahu, where, at the invitation of my friend Stephen Hancock, I performed some of my Blake settings at a colloquium held by the Honours Program students at BYU-Hawaii.  Just before the colloquium, I had the rare honour of touring the newly renovated Laie Hawaii Temple, which, for its congregation, is the most sacred place on earth–and understandably so.  The temple’s beautiful devotional artwork and splendid architecture were most inspiring, as were the warm and lovely people I met there.   I left the temple and its grounds feeling elated, which made my subsequent lecture and concert on the BYU campus all the more enjoyable.  The Honors Program students were a fun, engaging audience: I’m grateful to them for their kindness.  Mahalo, BYU Hawaii!

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