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Recording Sessions at The Drive Shed June 22nd, 2010

After two days of live recording at The Drive Shed in Toronto, we’ve laid down most of the tracks for for “Light to Shine.”  The musicians–Jason Fowler, Gary Breit, Maury Lafoy, Mark Mariash, and Burke Carroll–were a pleasure to work with, consummate artists who’ve made my songs sound really good (to my ears at least).  Jason and I […]

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Writing and playing in Kingston June 15th, 2010

I arrived in Kingston, Ontario, this week to do research for my next book in the archives at Queen’s University.  When the archives close in the evening I’ve been wandering the streets, listening to–and singing along with–some of the local buskers.  Next Monday morning I’ll be back in Toronto for a week of sessions at The Drive Shed, where we’ll […]

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June Recording Sessions June 4th, 2010

On June 21st I’ll be heading into John Bailey’s studio, The Drive Shed, in Toronto to record my new CD Light to Shine.   Jason Fowler will be doing double duty, sitting in the producer’s chair and also playing guitar.  We’ll be recording the bedtracks and lead vocals live, and Jason is bringing in some fine […]

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