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Dancing on Parliament Hill June 1st, 2015

This evening I took a stroll along the Sparks Street Mall to reminisce about my long-ago busking days here in Ottawa, when suddenly my reverie was interrupted by a rhythmic sound, like distant thunder, coming from the direction of Parliament Hill. Following the beat, I arrived at last on the lawn below the Peace Tower, where a growing crowd of people were dancing together in an expanding circle as drummers played and sang on the terraced stairs above. I watched at first from a respectful distance, until the widening circle of dancers began to encompass me and a smiling elder beckoned me to join. Not hesitating, I took her proffered hand - and then - how unexpectedly, and with what joy! - I too was part of the human circle turning there, dancing for hope and healing, reconciliation and atonement. Meegwetch.

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