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November Update November 25th, 2014

This month I’ve been busy working on three different writing projects.  Most of my time has been devoted to editing essays for my book on Transatlantic Literary Ecologies, which is under contract at Ashgate Publishing.  But I’ve also found time to complete a draft of an essay on “Animals, Romanticism, and the Indian Atlantic” for the Edinburgh Companion to Transatlantic Studies (forthcoming in  2016 with Edinburgh University Press); and just yesterday I finally began to write my long-anticipated (by me, that is) article on ”John Buchan, Conservation, and the Democracy of Nature,” which I hope to submit to the John Buchan Journal early in the new year.  Aside from these projects, I’ve been re-reading all my Jane Austen novels in preparation for the Austen seminar I’ll be teaching next semester, and I’ve been working on a couple of new songs for my next recording project.  Who needs to sleep, right?!

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