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Paul Marcano and “The Ke’ Universe” September 18th, 2014

To see me singing ”It’s the Day After Your Birthday” (a song for Lisa) while floating through a psychedelic universe, check out one of Paul Marcano’s recent video shorts at (be sure to click on “The Ke’ Universe” in the drop-down menu).  I played the song last summer lying on my back, on a green screen on Paul’s deck, at […]

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In Memoriam Michael Mloszewski September 7th, 2014

On Friday morning last week, Michael Mloszewski passed away, having completed–and nearly perfected–what George Harrison called “the art of dying.”  About thirty years ago I had the privilege of playing in a band with Michael during an intense period of creativity culminating in an outdoor concert at Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park, an event that marked the beginning of a valued friendship.  […]

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