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A new writing project: Bruce Cockburn October 21st, 2012

I’ve just accepted an invitation to write an essay on Bruce Cockburn for a book on Canadian pop-music responses to American politics and culture.  Inspired by a conference that took place last spring at Sophia University in Tokyo (which boasts a research centre for Canadian and American studies), the book project sounds like a lot of […]

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Autumn update October 1st, 2012

Now that I’ve put the snow tires on my car — snow begins to fall early in these parts — I’m getting ready for two autumn conference trips.  First, in mid-October, I’ll be heading to the University of Seattle to participate in the annual meeting of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA), for which I’ve […]

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Living Life Live at The Drive Shed September 12th, 2012

We’ve just completed our 3rd day of recording at The Drive Shed, and the project is moving ahead nicely.  On days 1 and 2, we recorded live bed tracks for 11 of the album’s 12 songs.  Though his gorgeous Graf is always nearby, Jason has been playing a lot on an old dead-stringed Gibson that he borrowed from a friend, lending the songs […]

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