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New recording sessions at The Drive Shed September 2nd, 2012

Next weekend I’ll be heading to Toronto to record a new CD at The Drive Shed, with Jason Fowler in the producer’s chair and John Bailey doing the engineering work.  My working title for the project — Shadows in the Light — reflects the manic ups and downs that have inspired my recent songwriting.  On the one hand, upbeat songs such as “Beautiful Day” and ”Likelike Highway” reflect an exuberant optimism and joy; on the other, “Ashes to Ashes” and “Okay to Go” (songs written for my father, who passed away last autumn) deal with loss and heartache.  In addition to featuring eight of my own new songs, the album will feature two songs I co-wrote with Grahame Davies, the prominent Welsh poet and novelist, as well as cover versions of songs written by my good friends Ric Munro and Jason Fowler: Ric’s “Twice as Hard” (which I’ve been playing for about 30 years now) and Jason’s “A Thousand Blessings” (my favourite track from his recent album Lumens of Light).  As for instrumentation, the new CD will showcase some of the most talented musicians in the country, including Maury Lafoy on bass, Mark Mariash on drums, Michael Johnston (of the Skydiggers) on piano, and Jason on guitar.  We’re also excited that Sahra Featherstone will be coming to the studio to lay down some violin tracks.  It’s going to be one heck of a week.

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