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Interview on CBC Radio’s “North by Northwest” February 29th, 2012

On Friday, March 2nd, I’ll be heading to the CBC studio in Prince George to talk about John Buchan, First Baron Tweedsmuir, with Sheryl MacKay, host of the Vancouver-based weekend radio show ”North by Northwest.”  While British Columbians are generally aware of Tweedsmuir Park, most of us have forgotten its namesake.  Buchan was not only the governor general of Canada from 1935 to 1940; he was also a literary man who wrote over 100 books, including about 30 thriller novels (one of which, The Thirty-Nine Steps, was made into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock).  Tweedsmuir Park was named after Buchan (who spent a couple of weeks camping there in 1937) because he was an avid hunter, angler, mountaineer, and vocal advocate of wildlife conservation in Canada.  He was also well-known for his literary writings on nature.  I look forward to talking with Sheryl about this fascinating man and his contributions to our national and environmental history.  We’ll be taping the interview on Friday for future broadcast.  Once I know the date of the broadcast, I’ll place a notice here.

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