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Broken bones January 16th, 2012

Yesterday I slipped on the ice, fell, and broke my wrist, and I’m already tired of telling people what I did to put my forearm in a cast.  So–prepare for some name-dropping–my friend Tanya Huff, the wonderful million-selling fantasy novelist, emailed me the following story to tell my students and colleagues when they see me this week:
“What happened?  I was doing parkour around the campus […]

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Back to the books! January 5th, 2012

After a relaxing holiday break, I’m back to work feeling energized and exuberant.  Last night I taught my first class of the term–a new seminar course I’ve developed on “Ecocriticism and Environmental Literature”–and I’ll be heading to the lecture hall in a few minutes to teach the first class of my “Introduction to Romantic Literature” […]

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