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June Update June 7th, 2009

Greetings from the bunny-infested UVic campus, where I’ve been conferencing with writers, researchers, and activists from ASLE.  After spending each of the last five days attending, participating on, and chairing panel discussions, I enjoyed jamming in the evenings with old Victoria friends Ric Munro (up near Shawinagan Lake) and Ssnips Matthews (down in China Town), and here on campus with with ASLE’s irregular band, ”The Mongrel Dogs who Teach” (cleverly named after Bob Dylan’s “mongrel dogs who preach”).  My favourite Dog, Ian Marshall, covers my versions of ”The Tyger,” “The Fly,” and “London.”  His rendition of “Tyger” rocks–I like it better than my own version.  CD Update:  All work is now done.  On the Bridge You Were Burning has been fully mixed and mastered (by Keith Mariash and George Seara, respectively); and its layout and design (by Richard Boudreau) have been finalized.  I can’t wait to see the finished product–the digipack cover features an original oil painting by Nelson artist Scott Dickson, who knows how to paint a stunning burning bridge.  It’s exciting to know that the CD will be ready in only a couple of weeks (at which time it will be made available through Indie Pool and via this website).  Stay tuned.

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