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April Update: New CD nearing completion! April 2nd, 2009

Having finally finished recording all of the musical tracks for my long-awaited (by me at least!) forthcoming CD entitled ”On the Bridge You were Burning,” we are now poised to begin the mixing and mastering processes.  Although we recorded all of the bedtracks (drums, double bass, guitar, keyboards, and lead vocals) last summer, Jason Fowler and Sahra Featherstone have since then contributed various instrumental and harmony vocal tracks.  For the big task of mixing, we have booked Studio B at Toronto’s Canterbury Music Company for 5 days, starting tomorrow.  The gifted studio engineer Keith Mariash is flying in from Winnipeg to take charge of this portion of the project.  I’m looking forward to hearing Keith work his magic.  Visual artist Scott Dickson is currently working to complete the original oil painting I have commissioned for the CD’s cover, and photographer Maja Swannie Jacob is currently finishing some photographs for the back cover and inside panels.  It won’t be too long now before the project comes to completion… 

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